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Kapil Sharma 1 Crore per Episode

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Celebrities are commonly seen gracing comedian Kapil Sharma's couch every weekend and being entertained by the fellow show members who dress up in comic ways so as to make them laugh. But would you believe that one of the popular faces in Kapil's team charges a whopping sum of 1 lakh rupees for a minute?

This question might make you wonder about the riches that Kapil has got. Coming back to the member, it is Chandan Prabhakar aka Chandu who woos the guest in his simplistic house help form and has a fee of a lakh per minute. This big revelation was made public by actor Akshay Kumar who was a guest on the show's 100th episode recently.

Akshay reveals Chandan Prabhakar's fee

In one of the fun segments, Akshay was as always, grilling the team for what they do and when he came to Chandu, he asked, "What do you do on the show except 'oye hoye oye hoye'?"

Akshay asked Chandan to repeat his iconic dialogue and the audience burst into laughter. Then, the 'Khiladi' read out from a contract apparently that Chandan charges Rs 5 lakh per show for a five-minute performance.

"Main aap sab ko batana chahunga ke Chandan Prabhakar 5 lakh leta hai ek show ka or 5 min aata hai. Yani ki 1 min ka 1 lakh rs leta hai ye admi," he said.

Kapil Sharma's fee per episode

While Chandan's fee might have given you a shock, a bigger shock would come when you read what Kapil charges per episode. If singer Udit Narayan's dig at Kapil's earnings is to be believed, the ace comedian charges a whopping Rs 1 crore per episode of The Kapil Sharma Show.

While taking a dig at each other, Udit Narayan made a shocking revelation about Kapil's salary and said that he earns about Rs 1 crore from Sony TV for hosting each episode of his popular show.