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Kate McKinnon's Speech to Honor Ellen is So Important

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Let’s talk a little bit more about the Golden Globes, and I mean one moment in particular: Kate McKinnon’s speech to present Ellen with the Carol Burnett Award for her achievements in television.

The speech itself stands as a testament to why Ellen is winning this award, putting aside all the money she donates to good causes, the families she’s brought on her show and changed their lives, and the joy she’s brought to people, she represents something more. She represents the first outwardly gay woman on television, and Kate McKinnon standing on that stage so many years later to say how that impacted her is a huge deal. 

Kate McKinnon is just one of, I imagine, hundreds if not thousands of women who found a sense of identity and security because of seeing Ellen on TV bravely being herself. 

This speech and moment were a huge one for the LGBTQ+ community, and hopefully only a drop in the bucket toward more amazing moments in the future of television, film, and Hollywood in general. The goal is to eventually get to a point in our society where moments like this may seem mundane because they’re so common place. I dream of a world where being yourself is just common place, not something that needs to be congratulated.  

Check out the YouTube video of the speech here!
And check out the clip of Ellen's acceptance speech!

Image screenshot from McKinnon's tribute.