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Key Insights Concerning The Pandemic And Opening Up For Business

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I would like to take the liberty of expressing another viewpoint of my concerns —  not about writing the subject of writing time, but concerning this whole pandemic. 

And of course, I'm not anticipating all of you, or even a majority of you will take my side. But quite frankly, I don't really care. Well, that's not one-hundred percent true. If this was sincere, then I would not have exerted the opportunity to indeed pen my opinions on this matter. But, because it's such a tremendous undertaking, and is an international health pandemic, it provides me the responsibility to exhibit my beliefs.

Anyway, if the government approves, like retail store malls (too many people passing each other all over the place from all over the country, and touching way too many things) and other businesses to open -up soon, I believe this will constitute a very enormous error. This is not only my opinion but additionally of some health administrators as well. 

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci supposedly made mention of children not being susceptible to catching the coronavirus. Really? Then why did a child indeed receive unfortunate news that tested positive for the virus? And whatever about all this talk previously concerning that the virus does not discriminate? Now all of a sudden the pandemic discriminates. Really? I don't get it. Which one is it? How is anyone supposed to believe anyone regarding this very serious issue?

Why do people "not see" the probability of a secondary or an additional wave, when it has previously been noticed occurring in separate divisions of the United States, including additional countries who have conferred befalling previously?

Here is what I presume is happening to our country as we speak: we are unquestionably growing sick and anxious about being locked-up in the house, and we feel an insight of urgency to be closer to everyone like before all this took place. We feel the necessity to get on with our old lives. Well, here is the actuality of this; our lives have without question, immensely transformed. This is no shock to us, that this has transpired over time. 

Again, I'm not attempting to be pessimistic. God knows we don't need any more negativity. I am, however, a realist, and you should be too. Here is the deal. If done accurately, then we should do it gradually. Not just because there is suddenly nice weather outside, or because we are getting restless of sitting inside. Are we just bored? Probably. Not everyone feels this way but I certainly get a bit restless myself, and I consider myself to be somewhat of a recluse too. Sorry, mom, I know you don't want to believe this about me, but it's true. 

Anyway, I think the majority of the Governor's in the United States are doing the best job they can, considering the circumstances. Not going to elaborate on what incidents I'm conveying.

Furthermore, I conclude that President Trump is likewise producing a fraction of a great job too because he is intelligent enough to listen to our health professionals in this matter. And I assume we should proceed to ensure their trustworthy guidance and data, concerning this pandemic.


Now, here is what erks me; we have had a state or two who have decided to fully open up for business. And those that have, it slightly ricocheted on them. As a result, we should recollect this happening, and accept this as a stepping stone for not executing another harsh determination concerning the same mistakes. Let us learn from manufacturing these same misconceptions, and recommence not executing similar demands to do the same, with the rest of the United States and other countries suffering from the same tragedy. 


In conclusion, I understand what Governor Baker (and I love both our governor and mayor of Boston. I think we should be so lucky to have them in office. I really do. I think they are doing a great job) is stating concerning that we all need to step up to the plate and take responsibility in getting everything back to normal again in this country and the rest of world, however, I also believe if this is what he truly asserts is the case, then that further means that he (the governor) should also proceed to bear responsibility in constituting the best decisions — for not only people's health throughout this pandemic, but he also needs to continue to step up to the plate in keeping people safe and alive too. But, I don't see this continuation occurring now due to my previous statements and reasons I mentioned earlier regarding everyone slacking on what's most essential to human survival.

I believe that our health and livelihood is far more important than money. Yet I do understand that without a healthy economy much is a loss to us regarding business and the economy - no doubt. Keep this in mind too, a healthy mind, body, and soul bring about happiness. 

The mind/body/soul connection exercises that each one of us is endowed with unparalleled talents and special gifts in life, with which we can help to make the world a better place to live. The mind/body/soul relationship teaches us that we can and must unite our body and soul in the pursuit of these noble and transcendent goals — igniting a longer and happier life. Money has a tendency of only doing a similar thing but is always short-lived.

So, which is more worthy? That's up to you to decide, but I presume in the end, we will all affirm, that possessing all the money in the world, is not by itself, everything in this world. We have perpetually acknowledged this as signifying an accurate statement. And, history enduringly has a way of repeating itself. It's happening now as we speak.