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Kid President Isn't Such a Kid Anymore

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Kid President teaches us how to change the world... kind of. ( source: Sourced from the YouTube channel SoulPancake )

Kid President teaches us how to change the world... kind of.

Sourced from the YouTube channel SoulPancake

The accidental hit web series, Kid President, took the world by storm in 2012. Robby Novak and his brother, Brad, made a fun video together one day of Robby dressed in a suit, calling himself Kid President, and adorably telling the world how he was going to make it more awesome... often involving corn-dogs. The singular video gained so much popularity that it turned into two, then a third came, and then another. The web series transitioned into interviews, a limited run TV show, and a best selling book.

These two brothers never set out for fame, they set out to make something fun and hopefully send the message that even at a young age kids had something important to say, but quickly learned along the way they had a lot more power and ability to make a difference with this crazy platform they'd been given. But Robby was still just a kid who deserved a normal life, so what happened to them after they disappeared into the ether for a couple of years?

Well, mostly Robby and Brad have just been living life. Robby got to go back to acting like the kid he was and enjoying friends and school, and Brad got to enjoy working on other projects and just loving his family. But now that Robby and Brad are back, they're starting a new venture, and this time they're taking their positivity to the road to meet other kids trying to make the world a more awesome place. Check out the video! It's so wholesome!

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