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Kiddie Pool Sandbox

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I have a lot of fond memories of playing in the playground sandbox at school. There were no beaches near me, and no sandbox in my backyard, so it wasn't a common occurrence outside school hours. So here's a way to bring the playground sandbox to your yard, without breaking the bank!

First, get a kiddie pool. A hard plastic one is your best choice as opposed to an inflatable one: you'll need to drill holes in it later for drainage. Next, find a relatively flat spot for your sandbox, preferably in the shade. Trace the pool where you intend to place it, then dig down far enough to put the entire pool about 2 inches beneath the ground level.

You'll need to place the pool deeper because you don't want the plastic to get caught on a shoe and crack! Then, spread sand at the bottom of the hole, about 1 inch deep. This will stop the plastic from being damaged by the uneven ground beneath.

Now that your area is prepped, drill holes at the bottom of the pool. I recommend about every few inches apart, in concentric circles. If you like, you can also use a waterproof spray on the pool to reduce damage, but this isn't necessary. Finally, fill the pool to ground level with sand. Fine grain is more expensive, but also easier to mold and play with, despite it's vulnerability to wind. If wind will be a problem, you may consider making a cover for the sandbox, as it will also prevent animals from accessing it.

Have fun!

Photo: Pixabay