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Killer Mixes: Household Cleaners You Can't Combine

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I like supercharging my cleaning power, but not at the expense of health and safety. To the unaware, mixing some simple household products can cause dangerous and even deadly, chemical reactions, even in small amounts. As always, keep cleaners out of reach of children and pets, and when in doubt, don't mix any cleaners, but never, ever mix these common solutions:

1. Bleach and Ammonia

This is a common mistake. Ammonia and bleach make chloramine gas, which is especially poisonous if inhaled. It's not just in a bucket, either: any cleaners containing bleach may react drastically if they come into contact with cleaners containing ammonia.

2. Bleach and Rubbing Alcohol

Especially with the recent public health concerns, it can be tempting to consider this a potent germ killer. Unfortunately, it could also harm you! This mix makes chloroform, which is famously dangerous to anyone's health: it's the stuff that's used in movie abductions to make people pass out if inhaled.

3. Bleach and Vinegar

Starting to see a pattern? Never mix bleach with anything but water! This particular concoction makes chlorine gas, which is as harmful as chloramine, and at least as potent. Choose one or the other to clean surfaces, but not both.

Stay safe, and don't mix cleaners!

Photo: Pixabay