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Laptops With Suspicious Files Linked To Russian Servers Handed To UK Children For E-learning

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Laptops handed out to young pupils by the government have found to contain malicious software, which is tracking essential data and providing it to Russian cyber attackers.

About 80,000 devices were handed to young pupils by the UK government in an attempt to aid the young population in e-learning and keep a smooth flow of quality education throughout the nation. The move was deliberately carried to help those who were deprived of digital devices in order for them to carry their schoolwork efficiently.

However, teachers via an online platform shared the reports of finding fishy files in the devices sent to a Bradford school, which had links with Russian cyber controllers. The reports stated that upon operating the devices, it came to knowledge that many laptops contained the Gamarue.I worm, which was identified by Microsoft in 2012.

The Department of Education became aware of the issue and immediately started investigated the devices.

“We are aware of an issue with a small number of devices. And we are investigating as an urgent priority to resolve the matter as soon as possible.

"DfE IT teams are in touch with those who have reported this issue."

"We believe this is not widespread.”

A Bradford Council Director Marium Haque reported, “Upon unboxing and preparing them, it was discovered that a number of the laptops were infected with a self-propagating network worm.”

George Glass from Redscan, a security firm commented:

“The fact that these devices were not checked and scrubbed before being sent to vulnerable children is a concern.”

Information security consultant Paul Moore advised that with such a dangerous threat, the devices better be checked and scanned with ani virus protection by a professional.

Source: BBC News