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Lawyer Who Pretended To A Be Latino For A Decade Turned Out To Be A White Woman

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A prominent human rights attorney has been accused of faking her Latina identity as reports confirm that she is a racially White woman.

Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, who hails from Georgia, has gone through the pretence of being a Latina attorney for years without letting anyone know of her real heritage. A socially active website Prism, which aims to assist Black and POC communities exposed the lawyer confirming that indeed she is none other than a White American.

“Since at least 2006, she has accepted opportunities expressly intended for Latinas and other people of colour,”

Bannon serves as the current senior counsel at Latino Justice Puerto Rican Legal Defense & Education Fund and before this, she has also pretended to be the first “Latina” president of the National Lawyers Guild.

The website further reveals that “In public comments going back more than a decade, she has claimed varying forms of Latina identity, presenting vague and shifting descriptions of her ethnic and cultural origins.”

Describing her ancestral roots, Bannon in an interview with El Dario reported that she was “a little bit Spanish, a little bit Colombian, and a Sephardic Jew.”

Bannon responded to Prism’s claims on Twitter, confirming that she is racially white. However, Bannon elaborated that her sense of feeling like she was a Latina came from the upbringing of her Peruvian stepfather and her extended Puerto Rican family. Bannon’s claims have outraged other genuine Latina attorneys who were sick of white women posing as women of color for personal gains. Sophia Gurulé, a Chicana Attorney at The Bronx Defenders went on to say that, 

 "To me, it’s clear she has some kind of white-saviour complex."

While a disgusted Guatemalan who is currently practicing immigration law, Ana Gabriela Urizar said that she (Bonnan) stereotyped Latinas all her life by wearing Latina costumes and Dresses.

Bannon's story follows the recent backlash faced by Hilaria Baldwin for faking her Spanish accent. The author went on the explain that while she was born in Boston, she and her family frequently switched living in the U.S and Spain, which is why her Spanish and English gets mixed up in her speech.