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LAX Employee Rates Celebrities She's Met On The Job

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While there are plenty flight attendants who have met celebrities on the job, I haven't seen anyone share their experience with SO MANY! Cindy, aka TikToker @_sincindy, posted a video series on the app sharing her extensive experience with celebrities at LAX and rating them out. of 10. See her ranting below:

Mathew Gray Gubler

The criminal minds start was apparently super nice and she stated that he was "literally the favorite celebrity" that she's met. She rated him a solid 20/10!

Nicki Minaj

"she was a huge b*tch," she said. Minaj wouldn't leave the airplane until everyone else did, even 5the flight attendants, which is a security breach. She was also apparently rude to her coworker. She rated her a 2/10.

Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican singer was super nice, polite, and even took out his hand to shake hers. 10/10 for Bad Bunny!

Kendall Jenner

Apparently the model was super arrogant and wasn't really friendly to anybody. She got a 2/10.

Dakota Johnson

The Fifty Shades of Grey star was rated a 9/10 ONLY because she forgot her passport in the middle of rush hour at the airport! "We had to delay the. flight and she still didn't make it back," said Cindy. 

Chris Evans

The TikToker has been in love Evans since she was a wee 8-year-old! He more or less kept to himself while flying out with his then-girlfriend Jenny Slate, trying not to9o be seen. She rated him a 8/10 only because she told him to "have a nice flight" to which he smiled with no reply. 

Noah Centineo 

The Netflix star was rated a 10/10! She found him super nice and friendly after he came up to her asking for directions at the airport. 

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton

The Stranger Things stars got a 9/10! They. were also super nice and friendly according to Cindy. She never explained why they lost that one point. 

Robert Pattinson

He was a 10! He was really nice and asked her how her day was. He thanked her and even gave her a wink!

Chris Hemsworth

I wouldn't expect anything less than a 10/10, which is what he got! He was really nice to everyone and was even on a first-name basis with some of the staff members.

Jensen Ackles

Cindy actually first met the Supernatural star prior to the LAX airport in Beverly Hills. He wasn't a super friendly person, but not rude either. Ackles gets a 8/10.

Jared Padalecki

Another Supernatural star! He come in 2nd after Mathew Gray Gubler getting a 12/10. "he was so frickin' polite!" she said. 

Jeffree Star

She met the YouTube star 3 time. She didn't build up to the courage to talk to him the 1st time. He complemented her highlighter (which was his!) the 2nd, and he actually remember her the 3rd time and gave her. a hug! 10/10.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The couple was super nice and asked how she was doing while she took them to their escort after their flight. She was so awestruck that she forgot to properly introduce herself, but the experience was a 10/10 for her.

Those were all the stars she rated to date, but implied that she has more to come!