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Learn Guitar Direct from Fender-- for FREE

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Years ago, I was gifted a guitar from my father. He is actually a talented guitar player, having taught himself to play in his teenage years. I grew up listening to him play country and folk classics on his acoustic guitar, so the gift of one of my own was extremely special. While he has natural talent, I have... somewhat less.

But not to worry! If, like me, you have a guitar, bass or ukelele gathering dust, shake it off and check out the Fender website right now. You'll find that lessons in several instruments, including the ones I mentioned, are totally free for 3 months, but only for the first 100,000 new subscribers. So if you're bored at home and want to pick up guitar again, head over to claim your free trial. Were you not among the 100,000? Don't fret (haha), it's only $9.99 per month for all other subscribers after the first 100,000, and after the 3 month trial for the lucky 100k. I'm sure the deal won't last long, so hurry and claim your code!

I'm already a few lessons deep, and rediscovering why I wanted to play in the first place. Let's make music together!

Photo: Pixabay