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Learn the Art of Cooking Without a Recipe

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In these times of the COVID19 pandemic, we're not by any means out of food, but our method of acquiring it has become a little different. Yes, we can go to the grocery store still, but it's smart to only go when absolutely necessary at spaced out intervals. This means you can often end up with a kitchen full of random items because you grabbed what you thought you might need, but you didn't necessarily plan for actual, specific meals. 

That's why now is a good time to learn to cook on the fly! One of the many talents my boyfriend possesses that I'm constantly in awe over is his ability to seemingly take anything in our fridge and make a delicious meal out of it. The meals may not always been conventional, but they're always delicious.

The secret is spices. 

On your next stock-up trip to the grocery store, grab all your preferred spices from the spice aisle to have on stand by, because any meal you want to make can be enhanced with the right flavor combination. Spices on meats, sides of vegetables, in a homemade butter sauce... yum!

It may take a little time to get the hang of it as you discover how much of each spice you need, what flavor combinations go well together, and which one's work best on which foods, but you'll get there. Cooking is a science experiment, and no scientists ever made earth-shattering discoveries on the first try. So, get some essential spices (maybe even some herbs) and start testing out combinations to take your cooking game to the next level.

Image from Icons8 Team on Unsplash.