Less Sunday scaries for me today

Boston, MA Allston

Anyone driving home from their holiday destinations today? I opted to drive home last night from my parents house in Fairfield, CT so that I was able to miss the hectic travel today.

I went to dinner with some family friends last night and had a delicious dish with gnocchi and sausage. After a full stomach and good company, I hopped in the car and went on my way back to good ole’ Boston.

I did sacrifice my Saturday night for an easier drive, but I think it was worth it to be in my own bed last night and chillin in my apartment this morning catching up on emails.

Everyone refers to Sunday as the “Sunday scaries” as it is the last moments of the weekend before the work week. I find that leaving from my families house on a Sunday from the holidays leaves me much more down in the dumps and full of those dreaded scaries.

I had an awesome Thanksgiving but am happy to be back in my own place prepping for the week ahead.


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