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Let's Get Rid of Lawns in 2020

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If I asked the public what the number one irrigated crop by acreage is in the U.S., I might get answers like cotton, corn, or wheat. But in fact, the popular plant is none other than common turf grass, taking up as much space as the state of New York in the U.S. alone. That amount of grass, which serves almost no purpose except aesthetic and recreational, causes a ton of problems for resource consumption, and even contamination. Let's do away with lawns.

First of all, all of this turf grass sucks up 40 billion gallons of water per day. Yes, that's not per year, month, or week: 40 BILLION gallons per DAY. Most of that water is even usable as drinking water. You don't have to live in a drought affected city like I do to know that this is a big problem. This water isn't even sacrificed for an edible crop, either. When's the last time you ate a chunk of ryegrass out of your lawn?

Small wonder, too-- we put a ton of fertilizer in our lawns. All those pesticides and fertilizers that make grass green and HOAs happy doesn't disappear. Instead, it leaks into the groundwater, potentially making even more of the available water supply undrinkable.

My advice? Plant a veggie garden instead. They're pretty, useful, and much better for the world. Let's get rid of lawns in 2020: I promise the grass is greener on the other side.

Photo: Pixabay