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Let's Talk About Billie Eilish's Time Capsule Interview

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For the past two years, Billie Eilish has done the same exact interview with Vanity Fair, and she just did it for the third year in a row. The purpose of the time capsule style interview is to see how a person's life, certainly a celebrity’s life, can change so drastically just in a year’s time. The same questions are asked, the interviewee gets to watch the past answers they gave to those questions and react to them in the present, and they also get the opportunity to ‘speak’ to their former or future self.

In the original interview Billie Eilish is so young and has very undeveloped views of the industry she's braking into. She is bubbly because, as she indicates in this year’s installment, she felt like she had to be and didn't yet understand that you can just be yourself in an interview. It’s a snapshot of a young girl who was catapulted into stardom at only 14, and still doesn’t quite know what to do with her fame and her voice that is being heard around the world.

In the first reprise of the video from 2018, you can tell the world has been beating down on this young girl for the last year. She's much more somber and quicker to judge her former self for the things she said and her sense of optimism. She’s suffering from acne problems, depression, and the idea that she’s gotten so big in just a year’s time. You can see the anxiety in her and how much pressure she is under to be something great.

In this third installment, she seems to have found a representation of herself somewhere in between the two. It’s clear she understands her industry better, she's allowing herself to enjoy her fame instead of rejecting it to seem humble, and she declares she's finally happy for the first time in years, having struggled with depression for a long time. Billie, at 17 years old, finally feels like she’s found her sound and her sense of self.

It's nice to see as we develop as a society, in a way, so does Hollywood and the media. They are presenting celebrities to the world in a vastly different light then we once did. Although often celebrities can still seem larger than life, it’s interviews like this that tear down the veil and make them seem more human because, in fact, they are. Years ago, we'd never get this kind of interview format with the long-term dedication to show how one celebrity changes year to year.

The video is poignant in that you are getting to witness a young girl in outrageous circumstances for her age coming into herself, figuring out who she wants to be, and showing how her values and opinions change over time.

I hope media continues going in this direction to pull back the veil a little bit more on the Hollywood lifestyle. Although it will seemingly never lose its inherent shallow and materialistic nature, we can certainly find some genuine people among that.

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