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Life after death: A man explains 'flipping through the journal' about life after death for a few minutes.

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DURING HIS NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE, A MAN who died for several minutes described looking back on his life as if "flipping through a journal."

He died after losing too much blood during an operation, but he was revived. On Reddit, he went by the handle "monitor monkey" and explained what life after death was like.

"I awoke in what appeared to be space, but there were no stars or light," he wrote. "I wasn't floating, per se; I was just there."

"I wasn't hot or cold, hungry or tired; I was both calm and neutral." "I knew there was light and live nearby, but I had no desire or need to go there right away," I recall reflecting on my childhood, but it wasn't like a montage.

"It was more like I was idly flipping through a novel, and fragments stood out here and there." He acknowledged that his perspective on some topics had shifted as a result of the encounter.

"I'm really afraid of dying, but I'm not concerned with what comes after that," he said.


People who have undergone severe medical trauma, such as a heart attack or asphyxia, are more likely to have an NDE.

Patients who have had a near-death experience (NDE) often remember seeing a bright light at the end of a tunnel, floating beyond their bodies, or even traveling into space, among other things.

Some people have come to believe that there is life after death as a result of NDEs. A University of Cork professor, on the other hand, proposes a more scientific explanation for the phenomenon.

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry William Reville claimed in the Irish Times that NDEs most likely represent the behavior of the dying brain as oxygen levels fall and carbon dioxide levels rise.