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Lindt Has Opened The World's Biggest Chocolate Factory And Fountain

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Tomorrow on September 13, Lindt Home of Chocolate, which will be the world's largest chocolate factory, will finally be open for business in Zurich, Switzerland. Much like the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," guests will be taken on a trip through the seven chocolate worlds of the factory and teach them the history of Swiss chocolate-making. 

The chocolate home will also allow you to take chocolate-making classes and concoct your own special flavors and research the chocolate-making process. If you're a fan of pralines, the Praline Tasting Room is the place to be. You can even buy your own chocolate and take it home with you fresh from the factory!

A must-see while you're there is the 30 ft. chocolate fountain which has set the record for largest in the world. There is much to see in this seven-year project.