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List Of TV Shows That Were Just Cancelled Or Have Come To A Humble End During 2020

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The year 202 has brought over difficult times in all aspects. This is especially true in the TV and movie industry. While many shows have had to face the end of their time this year, here is a condensed list of some of the most popular:

The Big Bang Theory

The universally cherished sitcom has finally come to an end. While it is no longer airing new episode, re-runs of the show will surely be just as popular. 

Schitt’s Creek

Criminal Minds

Modern Family

One of the most popular comedy sitcoms in history will no longer be airing. The last episode regrettably aired in April of this year. 

The Good Place 

Dear White People

The TV show based off of the popular movie of the same name has officially been cancelled. The 4th and final season is set to air this year. 

Fresh Off The Boat

With two of the main characters on the show Constance Wu and Randall Park both landing major roles in movies in the past couple of years, the show was bound to end soon enough.