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Listen to These Greek Retellings on Audiobook

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As you're puttering about your house finding cleaning projects or other things to do, consider giving audiobooks a try. While reading might not be your thing if you can't sit down and focus on it, listening to audiobooks allows you to go about other tasks while you're consuming a novel. They can also completely transform a story in a new way through the performance by the narrator. 

*Pro-Tip: Always listen to the sample before buying and downloading an audiobook. Even if you're interested in the story, if it has a bad narrator, it's going to ruin your experience of the book.

So if you're looking to get into audiobooks and need somewhere to start that has a great story AND great narration, I've got you covered.

Author Madeline Miller has written two novels to her career now: The Song of Achilles and Circe. Both novels are retellings of the titular Greek mythology characters. Miller's writing strips away a lot of the pomp and circumstance of the grand tales to get to the real heart of emotion in the stories. She doesn't shy away from the truth that Achilles was gay or try too hard to make everything sound more profound than it is. Her writing is effortless and emotionally connected, and the narrators of either book bring a refined passion to the reading that really embodies the ancient Greek atmosphere.

Get downloading these two beautiful novels. You won't regret it.

Images owned by Bloomsbury Publishing (Achilles) and Little Brown and Company (Circe).