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Little unwell

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Not because of fever but cause get cold easily especially at night like weather winter while i dont have soup for drink or chicken flesh for dinner. Umm miss those times when young people give me loads of cartons of meat packets which smell n flavour strong highly recommended if u want!


Last but not least i like food very much cause they make soda drinking enjoyable after eating much hard food for stomach refill. Love food by my side or breakfast at bed given by lord refrigerator. It's my sole need n cant live without when money buy food, food eaten buy happiness n joyful prosperous energy to study once more satisfyingly.


See i told u i'L talk on dish yet u didn't know i want to or mean it. U want food like baby but i want food like nicki minaj want booty oily substance pump. She's my idol but not too far i dont think too much of her body or boobs after she eats too much. Just saying wish i can grow some at size but not permanently only sometimes shifting or changing outlook, size, boobys or down parts. 

Hey dudes do u want grab cappuccino blended sugar with me cause i want eat free food provided n paid for by u? Want let's do it!!! Restaurants or fancy hotels your choice however u'L enjoy my company cause i talk a lot as pretty much adult attitude.


Saying this i already miss u cause who know after we talk or hangout u'L want serious friendship so we can go further to b close or best friends cause u good,