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Local Vandalizes Scottish Soldier’s Grave By Scribbling “I Hope Your Bairns Died In F*****g Pain” On Gravestone

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Graves of world war I soldiers in a recently shocking move were vandalized by seemingly disturbed locals who graffitied abuses and swear words on the gravestones.

The extremely disturbing graffiti came into sight when one Scott was passing by the Dunfermline cemetery and was left stunned by the remarks on the stones. Not being able to digest the fact that someone could possibly be filled with so much hate, the local immediately called the police to report the vandalism to prevent any further hate crime from spreading in the area.

The local also captured shots of not one, but several gravestones on which the vandalism took place, in hopes of getting to know the criminal quicker. The pictures were shared on Facebook by Fife reporter which quickly garnered furious responses from social media users.

The pictures displayed foul language and swear words penned on the gravestones, with one of them belonging to Air Mechanic W M Knight from the Royal Flying Corps, who passed away on March 14, 1918. The tombstone was vandalized by the words “f****n money”

Another tombstone belonging to John Armstrong and Marrie Beattie was graffitied with “I hope your bairns died in f*****g pain” and “f**k you.”

Social media viewers started pouring in fuming comments about the offender.

“It is horrendous. What goes through the heads of these idiots? It makes my blood boil.” Stated one local

"I would love to have just five minutes in a room with them to make them see the error of their ways.” Said another.

“This is just unbelievable. I can't begin to think what goes through their head to even contemplate doing such a thing.”

Scotland police is still investigating the matter and reports are still unclear about whether the criminal was a sane person or not.