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Log File 1: Journey.txt "and so my JOURNEY began"

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These hands walked past hours and days for months on end, running round in circles winding the clocks down. I held tightly the hands of time, my lost mind, and all that was left behind, refusing to let go. I was lost, and worse of all, I had no destination. I stood amidst the same faces, telling the same stories, and living the same days while the world spun around me. I was stuck stagnant like a puddle after the rain, and nothing changed. Little do we know that change can come from the smallest of things. I've slowly come to realize that I was a cloud waiting on winds to blow me away, and I got a hurricane instead, and the change I was waiting for would come from within me. I ran, but this time I wasn't running from myself but find the me I left behind, buried away, tried to hide, and tried to forget, and so my JOURNEY began.

Its been a year learning, accepting, changing, and growing, and now I hold myself with love and hope, and I have stories to tell. Are you listening?