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Log File 2: Embark.txt "Will you go on an adventure with me?"

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I have always loved solving puzzles, intrigued by what's under the surface. I always felt fascinated by how small pieces came together to tell a bigger story, a story they couldn't tell on their own. In time this childhood hobby became a memory too vague, preoccupied with ink and sheets, arts and dreams, guitar, and heartbeats. The world kept moving on from sunrises on rooftops to sunsets by the banks. Losing myself was slow, sinking within myself, a quicksand of voices in my head. Through the years breaking, building, and growing, I realized we are all broken just a little. I am just like you, a puzzle, missing a few pieces. Stories live within us like puzzles waiting to be solved. My despair started this journey, and with hope, I EMBARK on this adventure to find my missing pieces.

Will you go on an adventure with me?