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Log File 3: Another step.txt "Do you trust me?"

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I need you to close your eyes. Lose touch with all your senses, all that makes you human, all that keeps you alive, all that you love, all rights and wrongs, all your lies and inhibitions. Don't see anything, don't listen, don't feel, lose all sense of self till it drives you insane. Listen, just to my voice. I am all you have here. I will lead you, follow me, obey me. Feel the wind caressing your cheeks, warmth of morning sun. Feel every breath filling your chest, hear the birds singing, the grass beneath you, and smell of flowers around. Take this moment in and feel it in your soul. Now, Feel the winds calling hurricanes, feel it freezing. Feel the oxygen escaping your lungs. It's quite, the silence, deafening. The ground beneath you now hard, barren. Feel the edge you're facing, staring at the abyss, dark, devouring. Feel it staring back. Feel insanity touching you, fear in your head. Feel your heart beating. Now feel it fading away.

On the other side of this abyss, I stand. I promise you glory, strength, love. I promise you all you desire. I promise you freedom. All I ask of you is to take ANOTHER STEP, a leap of faith, one of blinded trust. Do you trust me?