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Los Angeles Man Sues LAPD After His Testicle Exploded When Shot With Rubber Bullet During Protest

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A protestor from Los Angeles has filed a lawsuit after his testicle exploded due to being hit by a rubber bullet.

Ben Montemayor was among several protesting against police brutality over the killing of George Floyd in Hollywood last June when a Los Angeles police officer shot him with a rubber bullet. Montemayor claims that he held the sign calling for the LAPD to be defunded, there were calls for dismissal which he couldn’t hear. Although he stood unarmed and did not resist to arrest, as the police advanced they shot him intentionally in the groin, causing one of his testicles to explode.

The incident has been further explained in the lawsuit. "As Mr. Montemayor stood there, unarmed, not resisting arrest, posing no threat whatsoever to anyone around him, and having just been violently shoved, a third officer less than ten feet away aimed his green [40-millimeter] launcher at Mr. Montemayor and intentionally shot him in the groin with a high-speed plastic, hard foam projectile."

After he got shot, Montemayor’s testicles swelled up and he rushed to hospital emergency. The doctors, afraid that he might end up losing a testicle entirely, performed immediate surgery 'piecing back together portions of his testicle which had exploded'.

According to the lawsuit, Montemayor is still undergoing physical therapy, and he was experienced severe mental trauma due to the event. Montemayor hopes his lawsuit - which seeks unspecified monetary damages - will hold the LAPD accountable and protect future protesters from such projectile, especially given that the LAPD policy states that officers should only use projectiles against protesters if they present a physical threat.

In his interview with the Los Angeles Times, he said: "They're used irresponsibly. They're overused. I don't want them to be downplayed."