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"Lost Man" was Looking For Himself With Search Team For Hours

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According to accounts, an intoxicated construction worker who had gone missing spent hours with a search party hunting for himself on Tuesday.

Beyhan Mutlu's relatives, according to The Times, grew anxious when he did not come home after a night of partying with his pals in Inegöl, Turkey's Bursa region.

According to the Turkish news site Daily Sabah, his wife was unable to reach him on his cellphone, and officials were informed that his companions had lost him when he went into a forest.

According to The Times, a search team was dispatched, and Mutlu joined the volunteers in searching the woods.

During the hours-long search, a possible savior yelled Mutlu's name in the darkness. He understood the search team was looking for him at that point. "Who are we on the lookout for? I'm here "According to reports, he stated.

Mutlu told Daily Sabah that there was "truly no reason" for his pals to report him missing.

"I'm paying for the errors of my pals," he explained. "Everything happened as if it were a comedy."

After collecting a police statement, authorities drove Mutlu home, according to Daily Sabah.

According to The Times, a similar occurrence occurred in Iceland in 2012.

According to The New York Times, an Asian tourist who had gone missing was discovered amid a search party when she failed to identify the description of herself.