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People say it is a magical feeling and indeed it is.

Two beautiful humans who are in love with each other care for each other as if they have a blood relation. They find everything positive in the person they love. They try to encourage them for what is good for them. They find happiness in their partner's contentment, and if their loved one is downhearted they try to make them merry. Love is so pure. And this what makes this feeling magical. Imagine, if in this world people started loving each other, there would be not hatred. People being happy for other people would be such a magical thing. No selfishness. No ego. No hatred. No seeking revenge. Nothing. Only love, care and warmth. I read somewhere that- We should see and take only the positive from people like honeybees, honeybees only take the nectar from flowers, they directly go towards the centre and collect the sweetness. And that is what we should do collect sweetness from the people. This place will become a better and happy place.