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'Love Hotels' In Japan Facing Accusations Of Homophobia

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A young gay couple walked into a 'love hotel' in Japan one afternoon when they faced discrimination, being told by the receptionist politely that "men aren’t allowed." Further attempts to find a room at other hotels weren't as civil. 

"Gay men don’t use the facilities properly," they were told by another receptionist, reported The Guardian. The couple was shocked and claimed that they were being treated as "second-class" citizens, said one of the men. Love hotels are fairly common in some countries, including Japan, providing a space for couples to rent out a room for a few hours to have sex. 

Regardless of the normality of love hotels serving heterosexual couples, gay couples are reportedly standardly turned away, reflecting how same-sex marriage is not recognized by the government, regardless of its advocacy for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Source: The Guardian