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Lucknow University's insensitive approach of taking exams in covid era

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Today when people in the country are facing the threat to their lives in this state, various measures are taken by people and government of India in order to curb the transmission of this pandemic.

But the administration of Lucknow university seems to be doing the opposite to just prove a futile point of becoming famous for the fact that this university was the only institution in country to be able to conduct out full-fledged exams of all courses.

Though here is guideline by MHRD that the exams should be postponed further in august and giving promotion to ug 1st years and 2nd years and to post graduates for first years .But they should also promote 3rd year students also as they are not corona proof people. they too have right to life and they too are needed to be protected from contracting this contagious virus. The administration even when there is grave risk to the health of the students, if a exam of offline type is conducted, things are currently at a very sensitive point as the covid19 spread in Uttar Pradesh is continuously increasing from 350 daily infections on the date of unlock 1 to the current condition of 600 to 700 infections per day approximately. Now it has again reduced to around 500 to 550 infections per day


 In this environment Lucknow university wants to take the semester and yearly exams of students. currently total students in the Lucknow university and affiliated colleges is 17054 as provided by the universities site. In this total the percentage of students that are from outside of Lucknow is around 65% approximately, which is a huge number of students.

                                  If the university tries to conduct the exams the lives of these students, firstly will be at risk, as they have to travel from very distant areas to the state capital to give exams, which could put them in high risk of contracting the virus.

 We can see there is a complacent, insensitive and inhumane stance adopted by the universities high ranked officials in regard to health and well-being of the students. It seems as if the administration is working in complete opposite to what the UGC and Ministry of human resources (MHRD) has to say. On one hand HRD Minister Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank says that all students in first and second year in central universities will be promoted to next semester or years on the basis of internal assessment, but our Lucknow university seems to be going in opposite direction and has decided to take exam of all years in an offline manner , to give it just some more force the administration has also released a scheme for third year, which shows how deaf ear they have turned to the recommendations and suggestions and surveys of students and professors of the institutions . It is to be understood by the vice chancellor that it is not a management drill of a private firm in which there is a target that is to be achieved for the appraisal , rather here the lives if students and their families is at stake, since he is person from management background he should have managed it more carefully ,not in such a vague and inhumane manner .The very own university campus of has gotten 3 professors covid positive and 7 staff are quarantined , then also it is adment to take exams . If the administration cant just protect there professors how would they manage to protect us from covid virus when exams would be held and we would be present in the present in the campus with thousands of other students.


  It is easy to pass a rule while sitting in the comforts of air conditioners in your administerial bungalow and say that you all should come to give exams, because you feel like it so. No reasons and answers provided to our questions. You would be just sitting in comforts of your office where there is nearly no risk of contracting the virus, on other hand instructing us to gather up and give exams.