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Lufthansa Airlines Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight Ticket

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Every customer has its own needs and demands, and it’s quite impossible to satisfy their each and every demand. However, Lufthansa Airlines tries its best to serve every passenger by offering them what they need. Therefore, the airline has a 24 hour Lufthansa ticket cancellation refund policy that helps passengers cancel their flights without a hassle. So, if a passenger cancels their flight within the given span of 24 hours of making reservations, they can get a full refund. If the ticket period expires, there won’t be a refund. The passengers can fill out the refund request form to request a refund from Lufthansa. The airline usually takes 7-10 business days in providing refunds.

If a passenger misses canceling their flight within the specified time frame, they have to pay a flight cancellation fee. The cancellation charge varies based on the Lufthansa cancellation Policy. The passengers have to pay a 39 USD charge to receive the refund amount to their accounts. However, if they are canceling award tickets, there will be a 50 USD charge for cancellation.

passengers having non-refundable tickets will not get any refund amount in any form of compensation from Lufthansa. If the passenger cancels them within the given time frame, he can get a travel credit as compensation from Lufthansa. So, thoroughly go over the Lufthansa cancellation policy rules and guidelines to easily cancel flights