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Lupita Nyong'o Shares Thoughts on Horror Being Ignored at the Oscars

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Lupita Nyong’o is an incredibly talented actress, and last year she took her first steps into the world of horror film acting. As I said she’s extremely talented, so it was no surprise that she adapted her style easily to the genre and brought something wholly new to it when she starred in Jordan Peele’s “Us.”

But she wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar for her performance, despite just about every performance being her best. She initially chalked it up to being up against some stellar performances form last year, and it seemed like it was no skin off her bones. That is until someone brought to light the nature of how the horror genre is treated by The Academy.”

Horror films are notorious panned as being fan serving and shock-value saturated. Basically, they're not considered true art worthy of an Oscar. But much like Miss Nyong’o and myself believe, there is so much more to horror films than meets the eye.

Yes, there are some cheap thrill horrors films that rest on all the tropes, but the well-written ones truly deliver something that no other movies do. They bring story, twists, fear, and a deep look into the human psyche. To say there is no depth to horror films is a gross misrepresentation of them.

Lupita Nyong’o stated that she believed the Oscars aren’t mean to be about innovation in cinema, and to exclude any genre from that is just silly. And I really can’t agree more.

Check out her full thoughts on the matter here!

Image from Joel Muniz on Unsplash.