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Macauley Culkin to Join American Horror Story Season 10

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In a very strange reveal, Macaulay Culkin, of Home Alone fame, has been slated to join the cast of American Horror Story for their 10th season.

While the famous child star hasn’t necessarily been MIA in the past ten years, he hasn’t exactly been in the public eye or working on big name projects either. He recently popped up in a YouTube video for the popular channel Smosh, which took me aback as being a very awkward pairing (it was).

But here he is, cast in a very high-profile show alongside our show regulars like Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.  

Ultimately, it’s nice seeing older actors who started as children that fell off the map get a second chance at something big. There was no doubt Macaulay was talented, but it’s obvious he suffered from some of the plights many child actors face with stress and corruption. And, to be honest, I can completely see him selling a role as a villain, so hopefully that’s what they’ve got lined up for him.

Not much more is known about the new season besides some of the other series regulars returning after last seasons hiatus.

To find out more about that, check out this article.

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