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Make a deposit in a few clicks. Get up to 1.5% of daily income!

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On StakedWallet you can simply deposit your funds and make up to 1.5% a day on it. 

You’ve already made a deposit and get your regular income? If you haven’t, you miss a great income opportunity and have to do something about it immediately!

How to make a deposit? 

Any StakedWallet user can get up to 1.5% of daily income. All you need is:

Top up your walletClick on the “Make a deposit” button

3.Deposit a sum that is greater than or equals to: 

0.002 BTC 

0.2 LTC

5,000 DOGE

0.2 DASH

0.05 BCH

0.1 ETH

Well done!

Join StakedWallet!

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