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Make Your Bubbles Unpoppable

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Summer is nearly here, and we're all looking for free activities for the whole family to enjoy. One summertime joy I've carried my whole life is that of the "unpoppable bubble," which I remember holding and even bouncing! They're not actually impervious to puncture, but they are much stronger than your typical bubble mix. The best part is you can make them at home! You'll need:

3 cups distilled water

1 cup liquid dish soap

1/2 cup light corn syrup

1 large rubber coated paper clip or straw

You can use tap water, but distilled water is less likely to have unwanted additives or minerals you might find in your local water. Any liquid dish soap will work, but try to avoid using an ultra or concentrated blend, or one with added lotions or hand savers. You can use dark corn syrup instead of light (or glycerin, if you have it handy), but it might alter the color of your bubbles, and stain clothes more easily.

Mix it all together in a clean bowl, and stir slowly, careful not to make small bubbles form on the surface. Once it's complete, get your bubble blower ready! Unbend the paper clip and wrap one end loosely around a cylindrical object, like a wide pen or even your thumb. Then bend the other end away from the loop. Dip the loop in the bubble solution like you would a bubble wand! You can also dip one end of a straw, but the bubbles won't be as big.

The bubbles are less likely to burst if you wear gloves when handling them. I recommend playing with them outside only!

Photo: Pixabay