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Advait Thakur is a youngster who has been discharged from prison following five years. Examiner Anjaney Agashe, is a tough medication dependent cop who disposes of realized crooks by executing them and making it resemble an experience. Upon discharge, Advait quickly calls Agashe and educates him regarding a forthcoming homicide.

Michael Rodrigues is a cop who carries on reasonably however his own life is separating, as his better half, Teresa is having an unsanctioned romance with another man. He discovers that his companion and associate, Victor, has been ruthlessly killed. At the wrongdoing scene, Michael meets Agashe and the two are in a flash at chances with one another: Agashe needs to execute the killer, while Michael needs them in jail. It is suggested that Advait submitted the homicide, and gradually, his associations with both Agashe and Michael are uncovered. Five years prior, Advait, at that point a lively, ecstatic person, meets Sara Nambiar at a rave party in Goa. The two begin to look all starry eyed at and choose to travel and gathering together as transients. At some point, Sara discovers that she is pregnant with Advait's kid. The two conclude they will prematurely end. At another rave party, Sara watches a little youngster named Vani chatting on the telephone to her dad, who is Agashe. Agashe then gatecrashes a similar gathering to catch street pharmacists there. Crossfire follows and Vani gets shot by Agashe's projectile, passing on in her dad's arms. Sara witnesses this, seeing Agashe separate at the loss of his kid. This influences her and she chooses not to prematurely end. Vani's passing prompts Agashe's liquor and chronic drug use, and his adjustment in character. Sara advises Advait of her choice not to prematurely end the infant and that she no longer needs a traveler life. Advait, having a dread of responsibility, leaves Sara. Link

In the present, Advait murders two additional cops, Nitin and Deven. Michael gets dubious of Jessie, a medication dependent whore who is Advait's companion and has been helping him with the homicides. Jessie attempts to torch the proof at her place however Michael enters and sees that he is additionally one of the objectives on Advait's hit list. In an unforeseen development, Advait gives up himself to Agashe. 

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