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Man Begin's 'Experiment' To See How Long He Can Survive Eating Only Raw Meat

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The guy launched an Instagram account where he shows daily videos of himself eating uncooked chicken breasts, whole rib-eye steaks, and drinking glasses of eggs or milk.

According to his Facebook, he goes to his local supermarket in California to pick out a piece of meat to eat and then consumes it there and then.

He's now on day 76, and his most recent post shows him consuming a chunk of uncooked mincemeat.

"A brick of shredded cow and sheep milk," the man posted on Instagram. Ground beef has quickly become my favourite food.

"Because of the low cost and easiness of ingesting a pound in as little as 4 minutes, gathering 800 calories of absorbable cow, and digesting flawlessly.

"If I went to Chipotle, a burrito might have 1000 calories, but the meat is cooked until there is no nourishment left, and 90% of it is plants that you can't digest.

"I'd pay $13 for a day of shedding and farding, which would be enjoyable but inefficient."

The influencer revealed on Mark Bell's Power Podcast that he had gone through several "diet holes" in his life.

Before realising he could adjust his diet, he thought it was perfectly natural to 'feel like s**t' after eating packaged food.

The man went vegan for approximately ten years to see if it changed his attitude toward food, and then he went in the opposite direction and mostly ate steak and eggs.

He confesses that the abrupt change in diet produced some severe issues in his body, but that they soon subsided as his body adapted to the meat.

The raw eater questioned why humans appear to be the only beings on the planet who must prepare their food before consuming it. That question upset him, he claimed and led him further down the raw meat rabbit hole.

The man went on to say that he doesn't strictly rely on raw meat, eggs, and milk to fuel his diet and that he'll have a burrito now and then if he has a craving.

It's worth mentioning that, according to NSW Health, 'raw meat may contain hazardous bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, and E. coli, which can cause food poisoning.'

According to the health organisation, "these microorganisms are eradicated when meat is properly prepared."

If you choose to eat raw meat, NSW Health recommends that it be very fresh,' purchased from a reputable butcher who understands this is how the meat will be consumed,' and that you 'prepare and consume as soon as possible following slaughter.'