Man Flips Out Over Dog Pee

Boston, MA Union Park Street

I was walking my two dogs around my neighborhood and one of them peed on a black fence between the sidewalk and brownstone entry. It was clearly not intentional on my part and pretty much on the ground. Next thing, I hear a man from a window on the fourth floor screaming at me! I continue walking and from behind I hear, "Hey with the dogs!"I turn around and there is the man from the fourth floor! He tells me that he can't believe my dog peed there and he doesn't know if they are mine or if I walk dogs, but I should be ashamed of myself. I ask him if he is joking and he replied with, "You f$% #kin C$%^T!" You get what I mean!

Gone to the dogs ( source: S. McManus )

Gone to the dogs

S. McManus


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