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Man Impersonating Conor McGregor For Drug Dealing Business Gets Three Years In Jail

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A drug dealer who imitated to be MMA fighter Conor McGregor has been arrested. The perpetrator was sentenced to nearly three years in prison

 A 34-year- swindler from Surrey, Mark Nye, was arrested by police for possessing Class A drugs and two phones. The culprit was roaming around the city pretending himself as the popular MMA fighter Conor McGregor. Later, it was revealed that the cheater is a drug dealer Mark Nye from Stanwell.

The culprit, however, closely resembles the famous UFC legend, Conor McGregor. Surprisingly, Nye not only shared similar facial features but also an identical style of beard and haircut.

The fabricated drug dealer has been sentenced to nearly three years in prison on behalf of the drug trafficking charges.

As a matter of fact, Police captured Mark Nye from Stanwell on 11 February when the offender was attempting to throw away his stash of drugs and two phones. Moreover, police officers caught the business cards brandished with 'McGregor Enterprise' on them. These countless fake business cards were supporting him in his drug delivery service. 'McGregor Enterprise' are the words that are printed on the front of the card, while 'best drops in Surrey' are engraved on the back.

At Guildford Crown Court on 9 April, Nye was sentenced to nearly three years in prison. He was found guilty of possessing and supplying class A drugs and two phones. In addition, he was charged for illegal driving without having any insurance.

The usual crime story turned stirring when the hearing at the court revealed how Mark Nye exploited Conor Mc Gregor’s details and pretended to be Conor himself when he was stopped by the police.

Nye was in contact with miscellaneous dealers to deliver his bulk items.

The investigator, PC McGill, said: "A search of the address Mark was staying at revealed a large amount of boric acid, a cutting agent which is used by dealers to cut drugs and can have serious health implications for users themselves.

He further thanked the responsible staff. "Thanks to the work of our proactive drugs teams, we have taken yet another dealer off our streets and prevented Mark from causing further harm to the victims of his crimes."

Furthermore, numerous messages related to his drug business were reconnoitered via these cell phone messages.

Consequently, Nye has been sentenced to two years and nine months imprisonment.

Interestingly, The real McGregor has also suffered from a lot of legal chaotic issues. In 2019 Conor was fined £860 for punching somebody at a pub in Dublin. Although he does not face any custody but had paid compensation. He also attended anger management courses and five days of community service.