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Man Legally Changed His Name to Celine Dion While Drunk

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A Staffordshire man has reportedly changed his legal name to “Celina Dion” following a night of intoxication. The 30-year-old man formerly known as Thomas Dodd was a huge fan of the singer and claimed to have had the idea to change his name while watching a virtual concert.

He told Birmingham Live, “I am slightly obsessed with [Dion], I’m not going to lie. During lockdown, I’ve been watching a lot of live concerts on the TV. I Can only think I’ve been watching one of hers and had a ‘great idea’ after a few drinks!” After arriving home from work one day after Christmas, Dodd found a “big white envelope” waiting for him. He stated he “nearly passed out” after opening the document in his kitchen. He said, “My initial concern was how on earth do I tell the HR department at work that I need to change my email footer? Now I’m thinking it could be a great way to get backstage. I’m just praying I don’t get pulled over by the police for anything – that could get awkward! More annoyingly I’ve paid for eight extra certificates to prove it and they are £10 each!”

He confirmed he did not intend on changing his name back, for the time being, adding that “it could be worse and it could’ve been Boris Johnson – we’re just lucky he doesn’t have any live concerts.” Earlier this year, comedian Joe Lycett also legally changed his name, his being changed to “Hugo Boss” as part of a protest against the fashion giant’s business practices.

Source: The Independent