Man made fun of my clothes

Boston, MA Royale

I don't go out that often. I'm a pretty low key guy.

That being said, last weekend my girlfriend made me go out with her and her friends. I wore a band t-shirt and jeans, which is what I wore most of the time. I thought nothing of it, just trying to enjoy the night as much as possible. I left my group to get a drink at the bar when a HAMMERED dude comes up to me and says that I'm never going to get any girls dressed the way I am. This guy with glassy eyes literally had vodka Redbull spilled all down his shirt and he was going to tell me how to look?

I politely said that I already had a girlfriend, who I was here with, but he was too drunk to even notice and just continued to make fun of what I was wearing.

I know he was drunk and didn't even know what he was saying, but it really got under my skin.

Long story short, this is why I don't go to clubs.

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