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Man Reunited With His Lost Wallet 25 Years Later: An Unusual Story

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Twenty-five years ago, a man lost his wallet on a beach in Lennox Head, Australia at a New Year's Eve party. Now, he has finally been reunited with it years later by a man, Joseph Bewes, who was in the same area recently. 

He decided to post on a community Facebook page about the missing wallet that had looked like it had seen a great deal of exposure to Mother Nature. "Paul G Davis. Found your wallet washed up on the beach. Sorry, all the cards expired in '95 but the 5 bucks might still be good. You just bought future you a coffee 25 years ago. Yew!" he wrote. 

The original owner's cousin's wife, Jodie Davis, saw the post and recognized the name on the cards. She immediately reached out to the owner, Paul Davis, and he recalled the incident. "Straight away he remembered it and knew that he lost it -- yeah he was blown away," she said to 7 News. 

Davis and Bewes met up on the beach for the reunion, the perfect place to meet. The two shared a case of beer on the beach while Bewes was thanked for all his efforts. 

Source: UPI