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Man Uses Martial Arts to Stop Attempted Kidnapping in Madison Square Park

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A New Yorker used his martial arts skills to stop an attempted baby-snatching that happened in Madison Square Park last week. Brian Kemsley is a 33-year-old Muay Thai coach who stepped in when he saw a man trying to grab a baby inside a stroller. He held onto the man with a rear naked choke and then transitioned into a seatbelt grip for 15 minutes until the authorities arrived.

Kemsley told the New York Post, “I was trying to get him away from the mother, and let her get away to safety… But toward the end of it, I was also trying to keep the guy safe from the mob.” The NYPD said they responded to a report of an emotionally disturbed person who was taken into custody and to Bellevue hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The entire incident was captured on footage, showing Kemsley tackling the man to the ground and holding him there. Kemsley said that despite having trained in martial arts for a decade he was “worried about passing out and losing my grip” by the end of the ordeal. He added, “Here’s the thing, I don’t enjoy jiujitsu, I don’t think training is particularly fun, but I have a lot of respect for it as it is absolutely essential in a street fight and self-defense.”

Kemsley also said, “The priority should always be to defuse the situation safely and as non-violently as possible so we do not escalate the situation.” A bystander lent him a bottle of hand sanitizer afterwards and then, “everyone started clapping, everyone was grateful. That was a very nice moment.” 


Source: New York Post