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Man Who Attacked Actor Rick Moranis Arrested, Has History of Assault

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A homeless has been charged with sucker-punching actor Rick Moranis. Marquis Ventura, 35, was arrested Saturday for allegedly attacking the 67-year-old actor. The man has a history of arrests for hitting strangers in the face.

Ventura made his way downtown to wreak more havoc only hours after the October 1st attack of Moranis near his Upper West Side home. Ventura walked into a liquor store on Varick St. near Grand St. in SoHo around noon, punched the clerk in the face and left with a $65 bottle of Moet Chandon Champagne.

In August, Ventura got into an argument with a bodega clerk inside a deli on Canal St. near W. Broadway and punched the 61-year-old worker in the face. He left before police showed up. Police determined Ventura was the culprit of all three attacks when they arrested him for punching Moranis.

Two weeks after he punched the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids actor, Ventura punched a 61-year-old inside the subway station around 5:45 a.m. He then bit a 54-year-old man on the hand when he tried to intervene. Ventura then fled the scene. He was arrested near the scene less than an hour late and charged with two assault charges for the incident, police not realizing at the time that he was the same culprit who punched Moranis.

Ventura has seven cases already this year with ten prior arrests in total, nine of them for assault. Ventura was arrested for the Moranis attack on Saturday by transit officers who recognized his face from wanted pictures and video and was awaiting his arrangement in Manhattan Criminal Court by Sunday night.

Source: New York Daily News