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Man Who Has Changed Himself Into 'Black Alien' Has Two Healthy Fingers Separated

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In his most recent radical bodily modification, the Frenchman is known as 'Black Alien' has had two of his fingers amputated. You can see a video of him after surgery here:

Anthony Loffredo, or Black Alien Project as he's known on social media, is entirely covered in tattoos and has a plethora of piercings, but he's also had some rather drastic physical alterations, including having his nose and lips removed.

In his most recent round of bodily modifications, he travelled to Mexico and had two perfectly healthy fingers removed from his left hand.

Loffredo, 33, posted a video of his new look on Instagram with the caption 'I cultivate my inner serenity in both English and Spanish.

He captioned a photo of his stitched-up hand, 'Black Alien evolution 34 per cent,' which appears to be an indication of where he believes he is in his whole 'black alien' transformation.

He's had his ears snapped off, his eyeballs tattooed black, dermal implants in his face, and his tongue sliced in half, in addition to having his fingers and nose removed.

His alterations have come at a cost, as he confessed during an Instagram Live last year that he struggled to talk after having his top lip removed, but that doesn't seem to have deterred him from pursuing his objective.

In an Instagram post, he announced plans to have his other hand similarly maimed, telling his 728,000 followers, "Thanks to the energy...Preparation for the other hand."

"On the other side of the world to continue my project, the procedure is going well, one more dream that it has just come true, thank you for doing your top job, thank you Mexico in my heart," Loffredo wrote in another post, which showed him lying on a bed surrounded by a team of people dressed in medical scrubs.

In 2017, he told the French publication Midi Libre about why he decided to become the 'Black Alien': "I've been fascinated by human body mutations and changes since I was a child.

"When I was a security guard, I had a click. I realized I wasn't living my life in the way I wanted to. At the age of 24, I put an end to everything and flew to Australia.

It has become natural, even unconscious, for me to be thinking about my goals for the coming months.

"I enjoy putting myself in the shoes of a terrifying character."