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Manchester Teenager Swallows 54 Magnets To See If He Can Become Magnetic, Undergoes Risky Life-Saving Surgery

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12-year-old boy nearly escaped death after swallowing 54 magnets to see if he could become ‘magnetic’.

Rhiley Morrison was rushed to surgery in January after he swallowed over 50 magnetic balls in a science experiment to see if he could gain magnetic abilities. Morrison had apparently been consuming magnets in individual batches. But when they failed to pass through his system, he woke up his mother, Paige Ward, 30, at 2 am and told her that he had swallowed two by accident.

When he was taken to the hospital, an X-ray revealed that Morrison had at least 54 magnets in his system. Fearing that they would burn his organs, Morrison was quickly transferred for a six-hour-long operation.

After the surgery, Morrison spent 15 days in the hospital. He vomited a green liquid due to bowel leaking every time he moved, and he had to be fed from a tube. His mother Paige says that Morrison is a massive science enthusiast therefore he dared to do such a risky experiment.

“Rhiley is massively into science, he loves experiments, he eventually admitted,” said Paige. “‘I tried to stick magnets to me, I wanted to see if this copper would stick to my belly while the magnets were in.’ ‘It’s just so silly, but he’s a child and that’s what kids do. He also thought it would be fun seeing them come out the other end.”

The hospital authorities have informed local media that they often deal with cases like Rhiley. They believe that such accidents can be overcome only by constant parental monitoring.