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Marriage called off in India after the groom fails the 'Maths Test.'

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A bride in Uttar Pradesh walks out after knowing that her groom "did not know the fundamentals of mathematics."

This groom could never have thought that failing a simple maths exam' would jeopardize his marriage plans.

The groom, dressed to the nines, arrived at the wedding hall with the wedding procession on Saturday evening. Still, the bride, who questioned his educational credentials, needed him to recite the two times table before the garlands could be exchanged.

The wedding was called off because the groom refused to recite it.

Vinod Kumar, the Panwari Station House Officer, said that the marriage was arranged and that the groom was from Dhawar village in Mahoba district.

People of various families, as well as many villagers, had gathered at the wedding site.  

Just as the wedding was about to begin, the bride walked out of the canopy, declaring that she could not marry someone who did not understand the fundamentals of mathematics. 

Friends and family were unable to persuade the bride. The bride's cousin said that they were surprised to learn that the groom was uneducated.

"We had been kept in the dark about the groom's schooling by his relatives. He may not have even attended school. The groom's family had duped us. "My courageous sister, on the other hand, came out without fear of social taboo," she said.

Since both parties agreed on the involvement of influential village residents, the police did not file a lawsuit. The bride and groom's families agreed to return gifts and jewelry.