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McDonald’s Chicken Nugget Shaped Like An Among Us Character Is Being Sold For $51,800

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A McDonald’s chicken nugget is up for auction, thanks to its unmistakable similarity to a video game character.

A chicken nugget that looks like a crewmate from Among Us has enticed a massive market, and it’s currently listed at USD$51,800. Already 150 bids have been placed on the piece, with potential buyers putting up offers from all over the world.

The nugget was found in a BTS meal deal, which McDonald's recently released in collaboration with the K-pop band. McDonald’s has been teaming up with a load of recording artists and selling their favourite meals. BTS' one contains 10 chicken nuggets, medium World Famous Fries, medium Coke and sweet chilli and Cajun dipping sauces.

The eBay listing says: "This food product has an average expiration of about 14 days and will be delivered prior to expiration.

"Authentic Among Us shaped Chicken McNugget that originated from a BTS Combo meal. Condition is 'Used'.

"Item will be Frozen and then Air sealed to ensure freshness with the secure shipping method."