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Media Spread Hot Take: Pepsi Sues Over Potatoes? It Happened Months Ago?

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What is the world coming to that a company like Pepsi feels the need to sue poor, Indian farmers over the potatoes they are growing? Yes, you heard me right. This massive, multi-million dollar company tried to sue farmers because they dared to grow potatoes that are the same strain of potatoes as those used in Lays potato chips. Since when can you copyright a potato? Let alone any other type of produce. This is just absolute insanity.

Now you may have heard of this already, and that's probably because it happened back April/May of this year. But, things like this have got me thinking lately about the nature of our media and what is spread to the masses and what isn't. Pepsi tried to sue farmers over potatoes, and I had no idea until this moment in time. Hong Kong is in a civil war and has been for months, and I didn't know until the other day because some one brought it up.

It's amazing and a little concerning the news that gets to us and what doesn't. Makes you want to be more conscious in seeking out information, but also makes you scared of what you may find if you do.

Pepsi and Lays products alongside the infamous potatoes. ( source: via )

Pepsi and Lays products alongside the infamous potatoes.