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#MedinBikini Trends On Social Media After Male-Led Study Calls Doctors' Bikini Pictures Unprofessional

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In a recent study published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, a group of predominant male researchers criticised female peers for posting bikini photos on social media. In the analysis, researchers levered allegations on female practitioners that their ‘unprofessional’ social media content was discouraging patients from choosing them as their doctors. According to the researchers, pictures or posts that include bathing suits, bikinis, drinking, controversial political opinions, or censored profanity, all constitute “potentially unprofessional content”, which- in their opinion- should be avoided to ensure best medical practices. Female and Male doctors; however, are pushing back at the study that they deem offensive.

Ever since the study has come out, doctors all over the world have turned to a social media frenzy where they are posting their bikini pictures and harsh social opinions. The hashtag #MedBikini is trending on Instagram, Twitter, and on all other social media platforms and doctors are boldly blasting at the sexist practice of gathering the information and passing judgment on what constitutes professionalism.

The study has induced particular angst among frontline health workers who are struggling daily, putting their lives at risk to treat COVID-19 patients.

One doctor wrote, “Because there’s a whole pandemic outside and I have two kids I don’t have a recent bikini pic but how’s this for ‘unprofessional’ with my BLM pin? Misogyny in surgery how novel.”

Male doctors have also joined forces with their female peers.

 “If you are a true #heforshe then you must speak up against this disturbing study,” Mudit Chowdhary, M.D., wrote; “3 men created fake social media accounts to purposefully spy on applicants. Worse they are shaming our women physician colleagues for wearing bikinis.”