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Mexico: Mother Tears Down Drug Cartel That Killed Her Daughter

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A Mexican mother, whose daughter was kidnapped and killed by a drug cartel several years ago has hunted down the perpetrators of the horrific crime and brought them to justice.

Miriam Rodriguez from San Fernando, Tamaulipas had her 20-year-daughter kidnapped and killed in 2014 by a vicious Mexican drug cartel in 2014. She since became an activist, endeavoring to expose the murderers of her daughter and to get them arrested.

In January 2014, Karen was traveling in her pick-up truck when some members of the Zetas drug cartel forced their way in and abducted the girl. Rodriguez immediately reported the crime to the police, but their lack of action prompted her to take up activism and find her missing daughter herself. Initially, Rodriguez gave in to the kidnappers’ demands and even took a loan to pay the ransom. But she was duped by the kidnappers and Karen's remains were found at an abandoned ranch later that year.

After Karen’s demise, Rodriguez took to the streets to find the people who killed her daughter. She adopted various disguises and using fake IDs she collected information about the cartel members. On one occasion, Rodriguez captured a cartel member while he was selling roses on the street. He recognized her and ran, but Rodriguez managed to catch up to him and tackle him. She held a gun to his throat and threatened to kill him if he moved.

During her life, Rodriguez caught and had at least 10 of her daughter’s killers arrested. But in 2017, her life was cut short when on Mothers’ Day members of the Zetas drug cartel shot and killed Rodriguez outside her house.

But although Rodriguez died in 2017, her services in exposing the drug cartel have played a major role in getting several other members of the cartel arrested. Recently, law enforcement in San Fernando apprehended dozens of members associated with Zetas, nearly breaking down the stronghold of the cartel in Tamaulipas. And in order to honor Rodriguez’s contribution towards their arrest, a bronze plaque honoring Rodriguez has been placed in the central square of her hometown.

Source: Insider