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Michelle Obama Advises Against Tinder For A Long Lasting Relationship

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Michelle Obama, 56, recently opened up about her relationship with husband Barack Obama on the Conan O'Brien show saying that her relationship with her husband can be very hard at times. She recalls on the show that sometimes Barack gets on her nerves so much that she wants to throw him out a window. "And I say that because it’s like, you’ve got to know the feelings will be intense. But that doesn’t mean you quit," she explained to Conan.


The former president and first lady will celebrate their 28-year anniversary next month, and it is certainly no easy task to be married that long. Michelle and O'Brien spoke about how difficult it really is to sustain a relationship and brought up how younger couples today aren't as open to making a long relationship work. She recalled of her tough times with her husband that "if I had given up on it, if I had walked away from it, in those tough times, then I would’ve missed all the beauty that was there as well," she said.

"Young couples, they face these challenges and they're ready to give up because they think they're broken," she said in an episode of her podcast called The Michelle Obama Podcast. 

She opened up even more saying that you have to give yourself and your partner the space and time to see each other in different situations, learn to handle and overcome them together, and commit to them. In other words, fast-dating and breaking up when things get hard is the easy way out, which is no way to build a long lasting and sustainable relationship. "You can’t Tinder your way into a long-term relationship," she said.